New in Town series is dedicated to new businesses starting up in Hong Kong. Here we will feature inspiring and smart ladies starting their business adventures. Read it to get inspired, to learn about new goods and services or simply because you are curious what is happening out there. 

"Look Mummy! Bloonah, high in the sky!” So exclaimed my 2 year old at the sight of a balloon drifting across the sky. 

Bloonah! was founded by Cherie Wong, mother of 2, interior designer by day, and hand crafter of little packages of beauty by night. Her keen eye for patterns and colours and strong design ethic means each individual Bloonah! hamper is visually charming whilst being meticulously put together. These gorgeous hampers are perfect for baby showers and as welcoming gifts for newborns. 

​Currently gift hampers are available at the Melomist Spa in central! Or you can always shop at

Welcome Cherie Wong with her Bloonah! baby goods 

Welcome Alison Price from Urban Jungle Jewellery 
Alison loves to make jewellery which holds a special meaning and through her business to help others

Welcome Catherine T from PÜRA VÏDA​ 

Overnight Oats  

Catherine and her partner moved to Hong Kong to start a new adventure. But little did she know that her passion for healthy lifestyle and eating will be taken to the next level here! Missing a great snack option, she launched PÜRA VÏDA in January 2017! The brand offers on-the-go, delicious and convenient Overnight Oats for breakfast, pre and post workout for all health conscious individuals in the bustling metropolitan.

Got curious? You can read the review of PÜRA VÏDA Overnight Oats by Eating Behaviour & Habit Change Coach Tatiana Kuvardina  here

Got hungry? Check here for where you can get PÜRA VÏDA overnight oats! 

Some people are unstoppable, and I am sure Alison Price is one of them. Alison realised that there is a gap in the market for affordable custom-made jewellery and decided to turn her little vision into a reality. Now Alison is one busy - bee, Urban Jungle Jewellery is her hobby, so she works on it out of office hours, day and night! So no wonder that sometimes it gets tough, and when it happens she turns to customers messages to get energy and inspiration to keep going and creating! Curious?! Want to learn more? Read the full interview here

Welcome New Entrepreneurs  

in the New in Town series​

Welcome Lynn Provost from The Spirit Haüs

Lynn brings to Hong Kong special items which start conversations 

Lynn has travelled the world before coming to Hong Kong almost a year back. Here she felt is a right place to turn her passion for exploring into a business and started The Spirit Haüs. It is an online store that brings interesting and affordable items from all over the world. Lynn's uplifting journey has been full of interesting people, designs and discoveries. Want to learn more? Read the full interview here